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How to Connect SharePoint Calendar with Outlook?

You can keep everything under "one roof" by synchronizing your SharePoint Calendar with Outlook. In addition, any changes made to the calendar on SharePoint or in Outlook by other team members will be alerted to everyone. For step-by-step instructions on how to add or synchronize SharePoint calendars to Outlook in both macOS and Windows, read this blog article.

What are SharePoint Web Parts?

It's hard to imagine getting away from what we call "Web Parts" no matter which version of SharePoint you're using. You may think of SharePoint as your computer in non-technical terms, and the apps you have are actually web parts. Read this blog to learn about the web parts that are currently available, along with extensive examples. I guarantee that after reading this article, you will be an expert in web parts!

What is a SharePoint List?

You may think of everything you do in SharePoint as a list. When you use Excel, for example, you handle lists of data in the form of columns, headers at the top, and data listed down. You can create a SharePoint list with columns, records, and headers in SharePoint. Continue reading to understand about SharePoint lists, why you should use them, and what their limitations are.